Alien Car Window Decal, Peeker -  Purple

Alien Car Window Decal, Peeker

Vinyl Decal

We have had some fun making these Window decals. We did try a few options to see which ones would look best with color and size. Each decal is 13.75 inches tall, this is from bottom tip of fingers to top of Alien head, 10.625 inches wide. These are larger decals and look great when driving down the road.

Decals can be placed on Vehicle Windows, Inside Homes, Mirror, glass, door jams, or other smooth surfaces. Decals can be removed, once removed they are no longer usable.

Our favorite color is White, it shows up against dark windows and at night time. (Lighter colors are recommended)

If you have a different size you would like, please contact us directly, we would be happy to help and offer assistance.

When placing order, please specify what Vinyl color you would like.

This decal is placed on the side window of a rear, driver side window.

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