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Bigfoot 4 piece Laser Engraved Wood Coaster Set

Bigfoot 4 piece Laser Engraved Wood Coaster Set

set of 4

Most people who believe in Bigfoot’s existence, or claim to have seen one, assert that they are hair-covered bipeds with apelike features up to eight feet tall that leave correspondingly large footprints. They are generally characterized as nonaggressive animals, whose shyness and humanlike intelligence make them elusive and thus rarely seen.

You will have no problem seeing this Bigfoot in your Wood Coaster Set. Each Coaster is Laser Engraved into the wood to give a dark contrast in the Wood. Coasters are 4x4 and are a great gift to give to the ultimate Bigfoot Believer.

Coasters are perfect for protecting your furniture from the condensation that appears on cups. Place a Bigfoot Coaster under the cup and let it collect the condensation.

Coasters are stained a Walnut color and then coated with a clear UV protectant spray.

Wood Coasters are 4 inches wide, 4 inches tall and have a thickness of .20

If you have a different design you would like, we will be happy to work with you on your customer design.

Proud to be Laser Engraved in the USA. If you have a project that needs custom laser engraving, need a laser cutter, laser etching or engraving on wood, contact us at Stylish Engraving, we will be happy to help

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