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History about Stylish Engraving

How did Stylish Engraving get started? Here is our story.

In 2019 me and my wife traveled to Colorado to visit family we had never met. The Family we were visiting, raised Greyhound dogs for racing. Every morning Nick would get up and go out to work with these beautiful creatures. He had such a passion for his dogs. Each of the dogs he worked with, was very well mannered and obeyed each of his commands. It was so impressive watching Nick work with his dogs and see the respect the dogs had for him.

We were on our way home and it kept hitting my mind how much Nick loved working with his dogs, the passion he had was incredible. We talked about what was our passion.

Several years earlier, I had the great opportunity to work in a Sign Shop that had a laser engraver. I was responsible for creating and preparing interior signage for our customers. The creation portion of this job was so much fun for me. I loved learning and being creative. Working with the customer to see what they would like and how we could make their ideas become a reality.

I worked in this Sign Shop for about 6 years. My time was up and moved on to another shop who created vinyl decals, mainly for large trucks and Semi Trailers. Working with customers again was amazing. I was able to create new designs for several large local companies. I see these designs today and think "I created that design".

I was working about an hour away from home and wanted to be closer. I left this position to become a Case Manager for a large company with over 10,000 employees. I was responsible for taking care of customers who have had issues with their products and resolving the issue to the best of the ability I was allowed. Our trip to Colorado happened during this employment.

This was my part of my work history. I loved working with the signage and creating. This was my passion. As we continued to talk about our passion, I mentioned I would love to have a Laser. We could do fun little projects around the house and maybe a few for friends and family.

This trip took place in April 2018. The following month, I purchased our first laser. Was having some fun creating a few little ideas here and there. Engraved my wallet, a couple of tiles, some little love bears and other little items.

Around September 2018, my wife asked if we could make some Christmas Ornaments. I designed a couple of different Ornaments out of wood and she asked if she could put them online. This whole laser thing was going to be a hobby, something to do for fun. Oh it was fun. The little wooden Ornaments I created, turned into my quitting my full time job as a Case Manager to I am now a full time Laser Engraver

I left my full time employment in November 2018. December 2018, she quit her full time employment. We were crazy busy with Christmas Ornaments. In January 2019, we purchased our second laser. I did enough research to know I did not want to go with a small laser as most home hobbyist have. I wanted to go with a larger Laser to capture more business the smaller laser could not do. The large laser has a bed size of 55 inches wide by 35 inches tall, with an expansion door to do even larger pieces.

We have expanded several times through out these last few years. Getting in to larger pieces and different types of wood working. At the time of this writing, we now have 3 lasers, a larger CNC machine and other pieces of equipment to make us into Stylish Engraving.

We are continuing to expand and grow. We have also added in Vinyl to our business. Companies have contacted us to do wall murals in Vinyl. Some of the larger Vinyl work we have done is about 16 feet long on a cargo trailer, large company logos on a 9 foot wall and even text on a 10 foot wall.

Stylish Engraving is a work from home business. Since we are a smaller home based business, we are dedicated to our customers. When a project comes it, we work with the customer on their design, do several mockups and create the project to the specifications customer is asking for. We love being in the woodworking business.

From wood Christmas Ornaments to Cutting Boards. Wedding gifts to Home Decor. We work with several types of material. Wood, Acrylic, Glass, Leather, Plexiglas, Stone and so much more.

If you have a project in mind, Stylish Engraving would love the opportunity to work with you. We are here and happy to help.

We have only touched the surface.

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