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Bee Inspired Cutting Board Set, Wooden Utensils, Kitchen Decor, Housewarming Gift

Bee Inspired Cutting Board Set, Wooden Utensils, Kitchen Decor, Housewarming Gift

From $8.00
Set of 4

Introducing the Bee Inspired Cutting Board Set, a must-have addition for your country kitchen decor. This exquisite set combines functionality and charm to make a statement in your kitchen. Crafted from high-quality wood, these cutting boards not only serve as practical kitchen utensils but also add a touch of farmhouse elegance to your home.

The set includes a variety of sizes to suit your needs, from small cheese trays to larger charcuterie boards. Each cutting board is thoughtfully designed with precision and attention to detail, making it a perfect option for any occasion, be it casual gatherings or formal dinner parties.

Embrace the warmth and beauty of nature with the honey bee motif adorning these cutting boards. The intricate design and natural wood grain create a stunning visual appeal that will enhance any kitchen decor. Whether you hang them on the wall as a decorative accent or use them daily for meal preparation, these cutting boards are the epitome of functional home decoration.

In addition to the cutting boards, this set comes with a set of wooden spoons. These utensils are carefully crafted to ensure durability and a comfortable grip. Use them for stirring, scraping, and serving, adding a touch of sophistication to your culinary endeavors.

Looking for a perfect wedding gift or housewarming present? The Bee Inspired Cutting Board Set is a thoughtful choice that will be cherished by any recipient. Its timeless design and versatile nature make it an ideal choice for newlyweds, homeowners, or anyone who appreciates the beauty of farmhouse-inspired decor.

Invest in this custom cutting board set and elevate your kitchen experience. Embrace the elegance of farmhouse decor with the Bee Inspired Cutting Board Set. Experience the joy of a well-equipped kitchen decor, and make a lasting impression at your next gathering. Order the Bee Inspired Cutting Board Set today and take your love for impeccable design to new heights.

Beelieve it. This adorable Bee themed 4 piece set is focused on the Honey Bee. The Cutting Board measures 10.5x15, each utensil is 12 inches long. This set makes a perfect house warming gift or use as your Kitchen Decor.

We are also offering individual pieces. If you have a custom set you would like or individual engraving, contact us directly, we will be happy to help.

Items are laser engraved. Each piece will bee unique in its own way. Grain pattern and color will be different on each set

This item is proudly Laser Engraved in the USA.

Add to your order our Cutting Board Conditioner. We are so excited about our new Conditioner. We found these Tins and felt these would be the perfect fit for our Conditioner and Branding. Stylish Engraving is always trying to develop new ideas and products for you, our customers.

On the Tin you will notice 3 words we are very proud of for the Cutting Board Conditioner. Natural, Antibacterial, Food Safe.

Natural - We found a Natural Bees Wax, made in the USA. We searched for several different types, but most are made in other Countries. We wanted our Natural Bees Wax to be made here in the USA.

Antibacterial - 3 ingredients is all that makes up our Conditioner. We wanted to have this ingredient be pleasing and not overpowering. Lemongrass Essential Oil is such an amazing smell. Our research and conversations with professionals, led us to Lemongrass. One of the many properties of this Lemongrass Essential Oil is the Antibacterial ability.

Food Safe - Being Food Safe is very important to us. Stylish Engraving wanted to make sure the quality of our new Cutting Board Conditioner, also have a quality we can count on for our customers. White Mineral Oil is a very high grade Mineral Oil and Food Safe.  

Our Cutting Board Conditioner works great on other wood products as well. Perfect for the Wood Spoons, Forks, Spatulas or other Wood Utensils.

The Black rectangle Tin was perfect for engraving our information on top and bottom. We put 3 ounces of Conditioner in each Tin.

Proud to be Engraved in the USA. If you have a project that needs custom laser engraving, need a laser cutter, laser etching or engraving on wood, contact us at Stylish Engraving, we will be happy to help

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