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Fairy sitting on Mushroom Perpetual Calendar with Clock, Desk Clock, Crescent Moon Shape

Fairy sitting on Mushroom Perpetual Calendar with Clock, Desk Clock, Crescent Moon Shape


Beautiful wooden Perpetual Calendar with Clock. For this particular Calendar we have included an Fairy sitting on a Mushroom. Cute Fairy sitting on top of a Mushroom in this Calendar makes a perfect gift for a Home, Office, Cabin, Desk or an avid outdoor lover.

Most Perpetual Calendars come with just the Calendar, we have taken this design a step further and included a Clock. With the addition of the Clock, time is now together. We will include a battery with the purchase of this Perpetual calendar.

Our Perpetual Calendars are handmade. A Laser is used to engrave the image directly into the face of the dials and the front of the Calendar. The dials are movable by hand while the clock operates by battery. The size of the Calendar is 12 inch diameter. Included with the Perpetual Calendar is a Battery to run the clock as well as a stand for the Calendar to sit on a desk, shelf, night stand, Mantel or other desired location. (can be hung on wall but will need rubber stoppers to be placed on back of calendar.)

If you have a custom design you would like, please contact us directly. We will be happy to work with you on your design. Please contact us directly before placing order. 

Calendar is made of Baltic Birch. We chose this wood because of the beauty it has in the grain of the wood, as well as the stainability

*Clock hands and color will be determined by us. Hands included will be determined by stock available. Some clock mechanisms may also include second hands.

Proud to be Laser Engraved in the USA. If you have a project that needs custom laser engraving, need a laser cutter, laser etching or engraving on wood, contact us at Stylish Engraving, we will be happy to help

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