Enjoy the Journey Home Decor Vinyl Decal - Gold - 24 Tall 16.3 Wide

Enjoy the Journey Home Decor Vinyl Decal

24 Tall 16.3 Wide
Enjoy the Journey
Custom Vinyl Decal

We all need a little reminder to stop and Enjoy all we have around us. Life is a Journey with paths only we can decide the direction. This decorative decal can be placed on any clean flat surface. Glass, Mirror, Vehicle, Wall and many other surfaces. Decal is not recommended for a heavy textured surface, the vinyl will not adhere.

Size of decal is 14 inches tall by 9.6 inches wide. With a variety of colors to choose from, this Vinyl Decal will fit in any home decor.

(Decal can be removed, but not reusable. If placing on a painted wall, when removing it is possible it may remove paint as well. This is an aggressive adhesive).

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