Personalized Name Puzzles, Puzzle Name, great for Gift, Birthday, Christmas, Easter -   11 Letters

Personalized Name Puzzles, Puzzle Name, great for Gift, Birthday, Christmas, Easter

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11 Letters
Motor Skills:
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Personalized Names:
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Name Puzzles are great for youngsters getting started in their motor skills, colors and coordination learning.  

Each letter will have its own color. The wood we use for the puzzle is a combination of 2 types of wood. The backing is called Sande. Top layer is Baltic Birch. Birch holds stain colors very well and the grain texture is amazing.

The Acrylic for the letters we use is .25 thick. On the back of each letter, we use either Vinyl or Paint. This gives us a very large variety of different colors to use.

The Puzzle holder is 4 inches tall and width will depend on the length of the name. Each letter is just over 1.75 in height. The thickness of the Acrylic is raised above the main surface to be removed or put in place.

With all the colors, it will fit in with any decor and the bright letters is a great show piece as well.

Puzzles are great to give as a gift for Christmas, Birthdays, or even a Baby Shower.

We are able to accommodate long names and realize this can get expensive for these longer names. If you have a shortened name you would like, it will decrease the cost for you. For example, Zachary can be shortened to Zac.

We at Stylish Engraving are here to help you with your next project you may have in mind. We are a Custom Laser Engraving and Cutting small business. We also do Custom Vinyl Cutting and design.

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